Road tunnel under the railway line no. 447 in Pruszków

Project name

Road tunnel under the railway line no. 447 in Pruszków


The road tunnel in Pruszków will connect Błooska and Działkowa streets, which will contribute to the improvement of the quality of local transport in Pruszków. At the request of INTERCOR, the design office Certus Via has prepared a replacement project for the existing documentation. The new replacing solution of the tunnel has been designed in the technology of diaphragm walls, which are the retaining structures on access roads and support for railway and road viaducts, which are the “ceiling” of the tunnel.

The parameters of the facility:

  • the length of tunnel and access roads: approx. 250,0m
  • overall span of railway and road facilities: 14,0m
  • the width of railway facilities (total): approx. 52,3m
  • the width of the facility WD-1: 11,1m
  • the width of the facility WD-2: 14,1m

The Ordering Party

The Ordering Party is PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. (Polish Railway Lines)

Start date and end date

The beginning of design works: June 2017

The completing of design works: April 2018

Contract value

PLN 276750,00 (gross)